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Top 4 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Team

Top 4 Corporate Holiday Gift Ideas for Your Team

Regardless of your stance on the official start of the Holiday season (pre-or-post-Thanksgiving) or the appropriate time of year to start decorating, one thing we can all agree on is that shopping for all the people on your list can feel like an Olympic sport between the time crunch, constant wish list revisions, and the search for that one perfect gift. Luckily, small businesses have this year handled with a wide array of specialized items tailored to their customer base. Shopping small and shopping local this year is a sure-fire way to find something unique and special!

When it comes to corporate gifting, wether you are the CEO or team leader looking for a general year-end "thank you" for your group, finding the right item that appeals to everyone can be difficult. Luckily, there is more than just sweets and thank you cards that fit the bill for corporate gifts - give your team something they'll use year-round as a way to wrap up the holiday season. 

Lake Life Glassware

Lake Life Glass Mug  |  Lake Life Wine Glass 

Glassware - and especially novelty glassware - goes a long way in people's lives! Add a touch of thoughtfulness to their cabinet collection with a glass mug or stemless wine glass etched with a special emblem, corporate logo, or icon (like the Michigan Mitten!) for an item they will be sure to reach for first when they're having a drink or entertaining company. 

Thermal Mugs

Detroit Camper Mug | Michigan Shield Thermos 

No matter the distance, any morning commute is only enhanced by a hot coffee or tea, especially in the cold winter months. This year, gift your team a thermal travel mug to keep their drinks piping hot in functional designs that inspire creativity. 

Candles for Home

Assorted Michigan Candles

Light up your team's life the easy way - candles are a great go-to item to add to holiday gift baskets or give on their own! These one-size-fits-all items come in a large variety of delicious fragrances of everything from Pumpkin Spice to Spa Scents, and can be personalized even further with decals and designs that add a special touch to every home. 

Pint Packs

 Detroit Pistons | Detroit Lions | Detroit Red Wings | Detroit Tigers

Pint Packs are an easy and seriously fun way to fill your team's stocking! Show support (or frustration) for your local teams with a glass for every season or occasion. This glassware will be a must-have item for any viewing party and a great conversation starter with anyone in the room. 


No matter how you choose to celebrate your team this season, say thank you with a gift they will appreciate and find a place for in their daily lives! This holiday season, remember to shop small and support your local businesses - they're a great way to get all kinds of beautiful products specially made for your team in your local area! Corporate gifts don't have to be boring if you know where to shop!

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