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Vintage Wagoneer Hood Ornament - On Your Shirt!

Does this little detail on our new Vintage Wagoneer tee look familiar? Remind you of anything, perhaps?

This specific design is inspired by the exact hood ornament designed for the SJ Wagoneer during its production run from 1984 to 1991.

After Kaiser Jeep, sold the company to AMC (American Motors) in 1970 (for the pretty price of $75 million - worth over $540 million today) AMC transferred the Wagoneer and Cherokee names to the small unibody XJs IN 1984.
In order to split up their product line, AMC decided to preserve the full-size SJ Wagoneer (featured on the back of this shirt) until 1991 where they marketed it under the "Grand Wagoneer" name as a more luxurious SUV.
The SJ Wagoneer was one of the last vehicles sold in North America with a carburetor - the 1991 model was even available with a “Final Edition” badge on the dashboard validating the vehicle for the 1,500 that were produced during that final year. All told, this vehicle was considered “the gold standard of the SUV market” (
We don't see too many hood ornaments nowadays, especially not on a Jeep (unless you're doing an aftermarket mod project, of course), so when were were in the design process of this shirt, we decided to do a little research...
Hood ornaments were originally added to vehicles directly off the assembly  line in the early 1920s and 30s as a way to "decorate" and distract from the radiator caps that were visible in automobiles during that time. They were used as a way to streamline the aesthetic of a vehicle as well as, of course, aiding in branding the vehicle. Unfortunately, we don't see too many of them now that aren't aftermarket additions for a couple of reasons, mainly that the radiator cap was moved to under the hood of the cars and they were no longer "necessary." 
Thankfully, the SJ Wagoneer was such a unique and iconic element of the Jeep lineup that many collectors and enthusiasts still share and celebrate these details, making it that much easier to share with you! 
You can now order your own piece of history today by clicking here or on the image above and grabbing a Grand Wagoneer shirt for yourself!

In stock now while supplies last. 
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